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Here’s Noelle on her first day of school in kindergarten.  So much to learn.  New kids to meet.  A teacher to get to know.

It honestly feels like yesterday that I dropped her off in that kinder classroom.

And today, it’s already her last day of kindergarten.

Cue sappy music that makes mothers cry.

Thank God I still have Lucy.  I have more kinder days coming in the future.

So here’s Noelle on her last day of kinder with her little sister Lucy afterschool.

Boy, that went quick.  No wonder the Bible tells us to number our days that we might gain a heart of wisdom.  The days go fast – make sure you are enjoying and appreciating each one!

And for my other Spaniard (both my kids are learning Spanish in school), he had an amazing year as a 2nd grader.  He loved his teacher and had a very good class.  He made this beautiful picture in class and gave it to his sister Noelle.  A moment of sibling bliss and kindness!!!

Now it’s time for our annual ice cream party at our house for both kids’ classes.  Let the summer fun begin!


Wow, the kids really outdid themselves this year for Mother’s Day!  Kudos to their wonderful teachers at school and church for helping them make these masterpieces.  Look at my beautiful yellow corsage made by Ethan!  I wore it to church proudly on Mother’s Day.

 My ice cream card from Ethan in Spanish.  I was blessed in two languages because the other side had English on it.

Look at these darling pictures!  At church on Mother’s Day, their Sunday School teacher took photos of the kids , printed them out, and glued artificial daisies on them.

How cute is that???

This is something so easy and so creative.  The moms went wild over it.  This is a great way to do something really special with your photos.

Happy Mother’s Day dear friends!

I must admit I am coming into this Mother’s Day weary.  I’m feeling the weight of all those “mommy” “mommy” “mommy”‘s uttered during the week.

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart!

So I’ve been asking the Lord – help me to be more patient.  Help me not to feel grumpy.  Help to serve happily.

And you know what I think the antidote to mommy angst is?


God, I thank you for my three kids.  I thank you that they want to be with me.  That they think I know everything.  That they want me to hold them.

I know the years will pass and I will wish for hugs and “mommy to the rescue” once more.

Galatians 6:9 says it well for us, “Do not grow weary in doing good, for in season, you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.”

Don’t give up moms!  You are raising the next generation of leaders.  Happy Mother’s Day and way to go!

What is something you can learn to do this spring?

Ice skating may not instantly come to mind, but that’s something our kids tried for the first time.  They were invited to a birthday party at the ice rink.  They were a little bit reluctant but mostly excited to give it a try.

We watched “how to ice skate” videos online.

We packed warm coats and even remembered the bicycle helmets.

We strapped on the boots.

And the kids…well, at first they hung on to the sides of the rink for dear life, inching forward slowly but surely.

Learning a new skill isn’t automatic.

My husband James took them to the center of the rink one at a time and taught them how to take those first few steps.  As for me, I was stuck on the sidelines with Lucy but to be honest, I would have been hanging on the sides with my kids for a while.

You know what amazed me?  Within about an hour, my kids were no longer on the sidelines.  They were holding James’ hands, skating around the rink.  A little later, they were going solo around the rink!

Children are such great learners.  They adapt easily and aren’t as afraid to fall (which they did).

So what’s a new skill you want to learn this spring?  It doesn’t have to be anything close to ice skating.  Maybe it’s gardening, learning a language or playing the piano.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn?

These are my favorite non-fattening Easter eggs!

I bought these a few years ago from Family Life Today.  I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the eggs with my kids.  Inside each egg, you find an object that has to do with Jesus’ death and resurrection.  I shared the eggs with 30 hyper kids at our school Sonshine Bible Club.  I picked 12 kids from the group to each open an egg.  They totally paid attention and it was a holy moment to share the real meaning of Easter with these wonderful kids through the Resurrection Eggs.

The child who opened the last egg was a little surprised.

It was empty.

Then someone said, “It’s because the tomb was empty!”

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  Rejoice because the tomb was empty!  Christ is risen!


Want to know how to win the battle of what to wear and what NOT to wear with your kids?  Sick of flying the flag of surrender to a 2-year-old?

Hop on over to Jill Savage’s blog from Hearts at Home.  I am so thrilled to guest post for Jill as I am a big fan of her and Hearts at Home.  They have wonderful resources and conferences to help all of us thrive as mothers!

Ethan didn’t need much encouragement to dress up for Cinco de Mayo last year!  🙂

Are you enjoying your present stage in life?

Earlier this month, I had the blahs for a few days.  I felt discouraged about the daily demands of caring for young kids.  My 2 year old Lucy has learned how to say NO! with great conviction and she was wearing me down.  Parenting toddlers is not for the faint of heart.

What helped me break out of my funk? 

Confessing my discouragement to my husband.  Oh, it feels so good to talk about the things that weigh on our hearts. 

Listening to Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah Guess what he was talking about?  Slaying the giant of discouragement!

Praising God by singing and reading and thinking about the Bible.  I’m reading in I Samuel right now and David’s life was no picnic either. 

I realized once again that this present stage of life is a tremendous gift.  Although young kids need extra TLC, they are also extra adorable at this age and stage!  (Just look above for proof)

Dwell on God’s lovingkindness in the morning and His faithfulness at night.  And you’ll find the stage you’re in is just right. 

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