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Wahoo!  It’s wonderful to be on Day 9 of eating only veggies, fruits, nuts and beans.  We’ve drank a lot of green this past week.

After the fast is over, will my family continue juicing?

James thinks juicing is overrated and a whole lot of effort.  Why not just eat the fruit and vegetables?  Sure you can juice up a whole more than you can actually eat, but how much fiber do we lose in the pulp you don’t drink?  (not sure of the answer there).  So we may be sticking with smoothies for our day to day life – less clean up and you can still stick broccoli into a strawberry smoothie and it tastes just fine.

You can tell your kids that the green specks are confetti.

The other thing I made yesterday was taro porridge.  I bought taro that was peeled and ready to cook from the Filipino supermarket.  I’m sure any Asian market will have taro.  Then I just boiled it in water for about 3 hours.  Stir occasionally.  It will start to break up and then look like a porridge.

If you want it to taste better, you put some brown sugar in, but for my purposes, I added raisins.  The bites with the raisins taste good, and the other bites…well, I am on a fast!  It’s nice for something hot and really simple to make.

I am looking forward to the fast ending on Tuesday.  James and I will have to hold back from gorging ourselves on food that day!

Things I want to eat:  eggs and toast and coffee and crackers and…

Ahhh, it’s just a day away!


Here’s a typical meal during the Daniel fast.  Veggies and brown rice, kale chips (I’ll tell you how to make these) and fresh juice.

There have been many wonderful things that have happened in my life during this Daniel fast so far.  Here are two:

When praying with my Moms in Prayer group this Wednesday (formerly Moms in Touch), the prayers seems to have extra power.  We were praying over my son Ethan and my prayer partner prayed verses over his life that gave me goose bumps.  I’m sure the power of the Holy Spirit is always available to us but fasting amplifies God’s leading in your life.

Our kids have watched us and learned that (1) fasting is a normal thing that Christians can do and (2) eating healthy foods takes effort but it’s important.

Unfortunately, I haven’t lost much weight doing the Daniel fast.  I thought I would lose more since forsaking chocolate and crackers and bread.  I think I’m juicing and eating too many carbs.  Oh well.  It is teaching my palette and stomach to crave healthy foods and it’s bringing to light my weakness towards cookies, cupcakes and chocolate.  Help me Lord!

I do crave CRUNCHY so I found a recipe for baked kale chips and find it to be delicious!!!  I actually crave them.  I have never used kale in my life so this was also a good new thing to try.

All you do is cut the kale in pieces (only the leafy parts), wash and dry in a salad spinner, drizzle with olive oil and a little salt, and put in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.

The kale becomes crispy and it tastes best right out of the oven.  My girls who like eating seaweed already munched it all up.  James didn’t like it at first but then ended up eating half the batch.

You can watch a video on how to make it on All Recipes – that’s how I learned about it.

I highly recommend doing a Daniel fast (eating fruits, veggies, beans, nuts) and coupling that with seeking God for something specific in your life.  Jesus says to his disciples, “When you fast…”  He doesn’t say “If you fast…”

Fasting isn’t something you see practiced a lot by the church in America.  I think it’s time to enjoy this discipline, feasting on God’s presence instead of food from time to time.

When we decided to juice more veggies and fruits, we considered buying a juicer.  Our garage sale treasure from 13 years ago – the Champion juicer with the killer engine – was inconvenient to use.  It has a small spout so you have to cut all your fruits and veggies before putting it in.  Not convenient.

The answer?  Go to Costco of course.

James came home with the Jack La Lanne juicer.  We are definitely not juicer experts (after 3 days) but we have enjoyed this juicer.  You can fit the whole apple in the chute and press it down.  No cutting and everything works really well.  Of course it is time consuming to wash all the parts so I have been doing all my juicing at the same time, making a lot of juice to last all day.  So once a day I have to clean all these parts:

Not too bad.  The Jack La Lanne juicer is easy to use and comes with a scrub brush.  You definitely want to clean it right away or else you will have the nightmare of caked on fruits and veggies to clean.

PROS:  The big spout.  So easy to put in the fruits and vegetables for juicing.

CONS:  A few times, the juicer has jammed.  You’ll put in a fruit and nothing will come out.  Before you know it, the juicer is leaking from the bottom.  What happens is the spout gets clogged by pulp and it stops the flow of juice.  The solution is frustrating and time consuming – pull it apart to unclog it and then continue.

Well – I also want to let you know what we did the night BEFORE we started the Daniel fast:

Yup, we’re human and not veggie eating robots naturally!

I’ve only been to a spa a few times in my life – partly because of cost and partly because I’m pragmatic (I don’t have time for spas!).

Yet I cannot deny the value of relaxing and pampering.  We can get so stressed that we’re just running around in circles.  Sometimes just stepping away and unplugging for a little bit makes us much more productive, focused, and ready to engage in life.

So here are a few recipes to have your own spa day at home for cents:

Sweet Sugar Scrub


1/4 cup granulated sugar

2 tablespoons light oil, such as almond, canola, or sunflower

2 tablespoons milk

Mix together all the ingredients into a smooth cream.  Before bathing, massage the mixture all over your body to remove dry, flaky skin and increase circulation.  Make sure you are in the bathtub, shower, or standing on a towel.  Rinse your skin with warm water, then moisturize and enjoy!

5 Minute Hand Treatment


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon sugar

Massage this mixture over your fingers and the tops of your hands.  Leave on for 2 minutes then rinse well with water.

These recipes come from Day 30 of 31 Days to a Younger You.  Read it yourself for some additional pampering for your soul along with a fabulous foot bath recipe!

Here’s to relaxing, calming your mind, and opening your ears to hear what God has to say.

The day before we began our Daniel fast, we filled two shopping carts full of veggies and fruits at Sprouts.  The bill was $60 – I’m interested to see how long it will last and will keep you posted.  So far, it’s pretty economical because we still have A LOT of produce in our kitchen!

Here’s what it looked like when we brought it home from the grocery store.  I can’t remember ever having so many veggies in the house:

Our first juice combination was something like cucumber, kale, broccoli, celery, and apple.  It was inspiring to see the kids drink it down!  Finally, I can tell their pediatrician that they DID get their 2 cups of vegetables!

A huge  upside of doing a Daniel fast is being more conscious to eat or drink vegetables.  Ethan loves using the juicer so he’s quite enthusiastic about our different concoctions and to my surprise, gulps it all down gladly.

Day 1:  I drank 3 cups of juice throughout the day, and snacked on almonds and figs.  To make something hot to eat, my friend told me to boil a taro root in water.  After an hour or two, it turns into something like porridge.  No one in my family liked it except me.  I put a few raisins in it.  It wasn’t that bad and allowed me to feel like I was eating a “hot meal”!

Day 2:  More juice for breakfast then lentil soup for lunch and dinner.  Still snacking on nuts and figs.  James comments that we are juicing too many fruits and need to make the juices more veggie based.

The kids are eating pretty normal except they are having some power juice with one or two meals a day.  And they ate the lentil soup with us for lunch – something we haven’t done before.  It was received…decently.  They didn’t cry out for more but they ate it.  In the evening, the kids got to eat broccoli and avocado and mac & cheese (which they were ecstatic to see).

Day 3:  And here I am in the middle of Day 3.  I think I’m eating too many figs and need to slow down on munching on God’s candy all day.  This morning I made this mean green mix of kale, celery, squash, carrot and orange.

To my surprise, look at how much (or how little) juice it made:

The good news is that it tastes a lot better than it looks!

Have you seen this movie?

A few weeks ago, a friend came over for a birthday party drinking only juice.  She told us she was on a juice fast.  She was not eating anything – not even fruits – just juicing them.  I thought it sounded crazy.

Why was she on a juice fast?

The movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

Well, my husband and I watched the movie this week and guess what we are doing?

A 10-day fruits and vegetable fast 🙂  Beware of what you think is crazy – you may find yourself doing it too!

The movie follows the life of Joe Cross who finds himself terribly obese and sick in his 40s.  He realizes he must take control over his eating before it kills him, so the Australian travels across America for 60 days drinking only fruit & vegetable juice.  He is checked out by a physician and monitors everything very carefully.  The transformation is astouding.

As we watched, James and I realized we need to have more nutrients, fruits and vegetables in our diet.  So we’re going to drink some mean green for the next 10 days.  We’re modifying our fast – we are going to eat fruits and vegetables too.  We’re not going to only drink them.

The 10 days start today.  It’s going to be hard for me not to drink a cup of coffee or crunch on something today that’s not an apple.  But I’m excited to feed my body more nutrients than it’s used to and see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted!

By the way, if you’re looking for something entertaining and educational to watch with the whole family, try watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  We made our kids watch it, especially in light of Ethan’s enthusiasm and ability to down a half-pound burger and fries and still ask for more!

What is something you can learn to do this spring?

Ice skating may not instantly come to mind, but that’s something our kids tried for the first time.  They were invited to a birthday party at the ice rink.  They were a little bit reluctant but mostly excited to give it a try.

We watched “how to ice skate” videos online.

We packed warm coats and even remembered the bicycle helmets.

We strapped on the boots.

And the kids…well, at first they hung on to the sides of the rink for dear life, inching forward slowly but surely.

Learning a new skill isn’t automatic.

My husband James took them to the center of the rink one at a time and taught them how to take those first few steps.  As for me, I was stuck on the sidelines with Lucy but to be honest, I would have been hanging on the sides with my kids for a while.

You know what amazed me?  Within about an hour, my kids were no longer on the sidelines.  They were holding James’ hands, skating around the rink.  A little later, they were going solo around the rink!

Children are such great learners.  They adapt easily and aren’t as afraid to fall (which they did).

So what’s a new skill you want to learn this spring?  It doesn’t have to be anything close to ice skating.  Maybe it’s gardening, learning a language or playing the piano.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn?

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