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As we enter 2012 together, let’s keep in mind that…

Dreams really do come true.

The best way to look younger and make friends is to wear a smile. 

Choose the right glasses to view life.  


What are your 3D glasses going to be?





You can make up your own!  How you view life makes all the difference in the world.

It’s your year to soar! 

Love and Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year friends!

Moving is not for the faint of heart.  All of you who have moved in the past two years remember the pain of packing, moving and unpacking.  Then of course, finding.  What I would do to find my scotch tape! 

I’m happy to report that three truckloads and multiple van loads later, all our stuff is in the new home!  I have reached a level of physical exhaustion I haven’t experienced in a long time.  Actually, as James and I sat in our old empty house, utterly fatigued and grateful that it was finally empty and clean, we looked at the bamboo floor.  Years ago, we laid that floor together and I said, “Oh yeah.  I remember being this tired before.  When we laid this floor!” 

Here’s the new kitchen.  I’ll miss my island but it does have beautiful granite countertops. 

Lucy with one of her most precious possessions – Violet.  We had to know where Violet was during the move! 

The girls in their room for the first night.  “Where’s my bed?” thinks Lucy. 

Love that kids can have fun in any circumstance.

Lucy with her can-do attitude!

James scored major points here:  bringing me home flowers amidst all this chaos!

A wonderful sign of progress…empty boxes! 

In case I don’t get a chance to say it before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  Christ is born!

This Christmas, the Pellicane family is doing the holidays very differently.  We’re moving.  As in boxes and projects everywhere.

Our new home is only 5 minutes away from our current house.  The beautiful view and upgrades caught our eye plus the new house brings us a little closer to grandma and grandpa. 

Moving is terrible for all the reasons that come to your mind:  boxes, lifting, sorting, being overwhelmed.

But it’s also wonderful (yes, I’m kind of preaching to my tired self right now).

How wonderful to give things away that haven’t been used in years and to dream of a fresh start (neat home!). 

Moving is a great test of being flexible.  Am I ready to pick up and move when God says so?  Or am I too attached to my stuff and to my routine?  Moving certainly is shaking me free of material attachments like the sentimentality of the only home my kids have ever known. 

In my Bible reading plan, I’m in the Book of Numbers about the children of Israel and their move into the promised land.  Hmm, I guess God had that one figured out!  I want to be like Joshua and Caleb and see opportunities ahead, not like the naysayers that said it would be too hard.

In one way, moving has delayed Christmas because there are no decorations up.  No Christmas tree.  That will happen in the new house next week hopefully. 

But in another way, moving has brought the meaning of Christmas to the forefront.  It’s hard to move from one home to another.  Imagine bridging the gap between heaven and earth.  From being God to being man.  Now THAT’S a move! 

As I move, I am reminded of what Christ did.  How He moved so dramatically for me.  I think of Mary and how she moved as a young mother, first for the census in Bethlehem.  Then to escape Herod’s plot to kill Jesus to Egypt.  Then back to Nazareth again.  That’s a lot of miles and moving for a young mom and her child.

I want to be ready for Jesus this Christmas.  To think of what He has done for us and how He is coming again.  The boxes are a reminder – we are not home yet!

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