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Looking for a beautiful Bible for yourself or to give as a special Christmas gift?  I recommend The Names of God Bible (Ann Spangler, General Editor).  This Bible inlcudes more than 10,000 names and titles of God restored to their Hebrew equivalent.  Have no fear.  It’s easy to understand.  The names of God are highlighted in brown.  For instance, if you read Psalm 18:30, it would say,

He is a Magen to all those who take refuge in him. 

What does Magen mean?

You turn to the front of the Bible and see it means “shield.”  Then you can read more about this name for greater understanding and you have prayer prompts to help you pray to the Lord your shield. 

The Bible gives a fresh perspective to your reading as you learn along the way about the names of God.  Your respect for God’s name deepens as you discover the many meanings of God’s name found in the Scriptures.

The Bible is beautifully laid out.  I’ve never read the God’s Word translation before and I like it.  The general editor Ann Spangler is a scholar who knows how to communicate.  I read one of her works years ago, Women of the Bible, which is excellent. 

You know how you have nicknames for members of your family?  Special names that only you use?  Well, it’s interesting to see what names different people in the Bible used for God.  For instance, Joshua referred to God as El Chay (the Living God) and El Kanna (the Jealous God). 

This is a wonderful resource to add a new dimension to your Bible reading, both now and in the New Year!

This Bible was provided for review by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. 




No, Ethan is not the turkey.  But he is holding my favorite craft from his elementary school career thus far.

Ethan is a 2nd grader in public school.  His assignment was to write the things he is grateful for.  They’re in Spanish because he’s in a Spanish immersion classroom.  Here’s what he wrote:

Jesus porque murio en la cruz.  Jesus because He died on the cross.

La Biblia porque adentro hay direcciones para tu vida.  The Bible because it has the directions for your life.

Mi iglesia porque puedes aprender mucha.  My church because you learn a lot.

Doctores porque me ayudan cuando estoy enfermo.  Doctors because they help me when I’m sick.

Dios porque el hizo el mundo.  God because He created the world.

Mi familia porque me cuida.  My family because they care for me. 

Can you believe it?  I can’t tell you how happy I was to see Ethan being so expressive about his faith in a public school where no one is instructing him about God or the Bible.  This is the only craft that has brought tears to my eyes!

I figure if he lives according to what he wrote on his turkey, he’ll be set for life!  And that’s something I’m extremely thankful for. 

My kids have two days off from school this week for Veteran’s Day, so we were able to enjoy a quiet day at Legoland yesterday before the official holiday.  We had a BLAST! 

Look at Ethan and Noelle – they look so sweet!  Hard to imagine the cat and dog fights they can get into when they look so angelic!  But we moms know better…

I post the picture as a reminder to all of us – we can have peaceful family relationships (even when we disagree).  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons with peace between all the members of your family? 

Here’s Noelle jumping at Legoland – we can imitate her and choose joy even when someone rubs us the wrong way. 

Instead of rehearsing the offending comment in your mind, jump away from those thoughts.  Learn to laugh at yourself and the circumstances you find yourself in from time to time. 

From my home to yours, hope you had a blessed Veterans Day and that the upcoming Christmas season will give you many opportunities to jump for joy! 

I must admit.  Dressing up and getting candy is a pretty cool combination for a kid (and us as parents!).  We’ve had a lot of fun this weekend. 

Friday morning:  Kindergarten costume parade at school.

Friday night:  Husky Howl – fall festival at school.

Monday morning:  Free train ride at the pumpkin station.

Monday afternoon:  Trick or treating at the local shopping center.

Monday early evening:  An amazing show with Jesse the Juggler at Bonita Valley Community Church, the kids LOVED it and so did we!  I laughed so hard at my kids laughing at Jesse!    

Then we went trick or treating down our street until about 8:00 pm.  Phew…here are Noelle’s spoils!!! 

I’m really proud of the kids who actually ask before they eat the candy!  They don’t plow into it.  They savor each bite.  Ethan’s favorite is Twix so during his bedtime prayer, he thanked Jesus for blessing his efforts with a FULL SIZE Twix and 7 little baby Twix’s to go along! 

Needless to say, we’ll be enjoying a few pieces of candy and then putting it away before MAMA wants to eat all the chocolate!

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