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My 7-year-old son Ethan celebrated his birthday recently.  At dinner at Chickfila, our family went around and said something we appreciated about Ethan.

He’s kind.

He’s funny.

Ethan’s good at learning new things.

After a few more accolades, Ethan said, “I like everything about me!”

That was so funny!  Most of us don’t feel that way and that’s why Proverbs 31 executive director Renee Swope has lovingly written a new book titled, A Confident Heart:  How to Stop Doubting Yourself & Live in the Security of God’s Promises.

You’ll enjoy Renee’s sweetness and candor.  She writes about her parents divorce when she was 2, the pain of breaking up with an ex-boyfriend, and the neighborhood “police” coming down on her because the paint on her windowsills and porch columns was peeling.  How do you live confidently when you are constantly questioning yourself? 

The book addresses key issues like:

When doubt whispers “I’m Not Good Enough,” “I’m Such a Failure,” “I Don’t Have Anything Special to Offer,” “I Can’t Stop Worrying,” and “I Can’t Follow God Consistently.”

Renee has a great resource that compares what I say (My life is too hard) to what God says (Let Me help you) along with a Scriptural promise (Ps 91:15 for this example). 

If you want to doubt yourself less and live more, you will really benefit from Renee Swope’s A Confident Heart.  Thank you Revell for my review copy!


I began reading Amish Values for Your Family while waiting for my minivan to get an oil change, which I suppose is ironic.  But I certainly did enjoy my wait time! 

I could relate to many of the values found in the book although I am not Amish.  I really enjoyed the many Amish proverbs in the book such as:

Pray for a good harvest but continue to hoe. 

A happy home is more than a roof over your head, it’s a foundation under your feet.

You can tell when you are on the right track.  It’s usually uphill.

The family that works together, grows together. 

So many thoughtful proverbs contained in the book, followed by stories to illustrate each principle.  One thing I took away was the idea of involving the children in the work of the family and teaching responsibility at a young age.  Amish children are involved in milking cows, picking fruit, planting, hammering nails, etc. 

My children are taking dishes out of the dishwasher.  What else could they be doing?  Finding more tasks for them to do around the house will not only make my life simpler in the long run, it will teach them to work as a team. 

If you want a fresh dose of homespun stories to get you thinking about a different way and pace of life, you will enjoy Suzanne Woods Fisher’s, Amish Values for Your Family. 

Also, you can enter a contest to win a Kindle (to simplify your reading life) from the author Suzanne.  Learn more about the contest here.


Thank you Revell for a copy of Amish Values for Your Family to review.

Okay, imagine my surprise and sheer excitement to be in the same room as Lisa Whelchel, Stormie Omartian, Pam Farrel, Thelma Wells, Carol Kent, Lysa TerKeurst, Sheila Walsh, Patsy Clairmont, Liz Curtis Higgs, Ruth Graham, and so many more! 

I had the immense honor of going to the First Annual Women in Ministry Summit sponsored by Logos Bible Software.  These amazing tech geeks for Jesus have the BEST customer service and thorough library of Bible resources you’ll find anywhere.  We were all invited to use Logos to assist us in writing and speaking.  But you certainly don’t have to be an author to use it – it is AWESOME for personal Bible study and I highly recommend it!

Here’s a photo album of the wonderful people I met…

Karol Ladd, Sharon Jaynes, Pam Farrel and me





with Patsy Clairmont who I featured in my 31 Days to a Younger You book (for obvious reasons if you’ve ever heard her speak at Women of Faith!)







With Stormie Omartian who has influenced so many with her Power of the Praying…books!

With Lisa Whelchel who I love to hear speak!

With Ruth Graham…had the thrill of riding next to her on a shuttle and listened to her speak of daddy Billy Graham – I couldn’t help myself to ask “I know everyone asks this, but what was it like being the daughter…”

With Pam Farrel (my wonderful mentor) and the amazing Lysa TerKeurst

You’ll be happy to know these ladies are full of love and they are REAL people who are easy to talk with and laugh with. 

By the way, from now until midnight on Sunday, August 20, a special discount is available for the Logos Bible software – it’s 15% off if you use this link:

Love you all!

At Mastermind Summit, the personal growth conference I attended this week, the theme was “Back to the Future.”  The idea was that so many truths from the past could guide us today. 

Common sense isn’t as common as it used to be. 

Here are the classics the conference suggested that would be worthwhile picking up again:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino


I’ve only read How to Win Friends and Influence People which is a MUST READ if you haven’t already.   I’ll be reading the other two in the next few months and am excited to learn many things from these books that have influenced hundreds of thousands of people. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill

 It’s been said that you remain the same through the years except for the books you read and the people you meet.  So if you want to keep growing, keeping reading and keep meeting
Reading books and meeting people! 

I know, can you believe it?  That’s James and me with rock star comedian Tim Hawkins this past Sunday at the Mastermind Conference in San Diego! 

It was my first time to see Tim Hawkins live.  I was not disappointed!  I was howling so loud; the older gentleman in front of me turned around a few times.  He was wearing a suit and I thought he might be mad, but a few minutes later, he was quietly laughing so I knew everything was all right. 

That’s one thing amazing about Tim Hawkins.  He makes everyone laugh.  I was standing in line to meet him after the show with a gray haired lady, twenty something hipster, and middle aged Canadian, and we ALL thought he was hilarious!  How does he do that? 

GREAT NEWS – looks like I will be able to interview Tim Hawkins for my upcoming “31 Days to a Happy Husband!”  Think he’ll have some good material for us?  You bet!!!

Mastermind is an annual personal growth conference put on by Brian Buffini and Company that James and I have attended for more than a decade.  It’s impact on our lives has been immeasurable to inspire us to dream, make goals, and grow for it! 

Another highlight was meeting financial guru Dave Ramsey who rocked the house!  Wow, is he a dynamic and wonderful speaker!  Here’s a tip from his talk:

Slow and Steady Matters.  Dave Ramsey has been interviewing billionaires to find out how they did it (notice how Dave himself is always growing and learning).  One billionaire shared his favorite book besides the Bible.  It was the “Tortoise and the Hare.”  What, so simple?  thought Dave.  But as he explained it and time worn on, the truth struck Dave. 

We live in a ADD culture that wants everything quick for very little pain.  The truth is the person who is diligent (excellent in the ordinary over time) will win every time.  The turtle isn’t sexy, doesn’t have anyone cheering for him, won’t be on CNN, but every day, that turtle moves forward, inch by inch and is focused on one task alone:  to cross the finish line.  And in the end, that turtle will win the race. 

More to come…I’ll share a highlight of my favorite inspirational video at the conference next post!

This year I’m doing the story time for kindergarteners and first graders at my church’s VBS.  The theme is “Son Surf Beach Bash” and we’re having a blast!  Working with kids mostly makes you feel young (they are hilarious!) but sometimes does make you feel old (boy, am I tired!). 

I love the enthusiasm I see in so many kids.  This is the prettiest craft!  Can we do the memory verse faster?  Can we go to snack

My daughter Noelle is in my class and that has been such a joy.  If you ever have the chance to volunteer for a Vacation Bible School at your church, go for it!  You won’t regret spending time to laugh and pray and play with kids – just schedule some down time afterwards because you’re going to need it!

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