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I know it may be hard to believe but my kiddos are back in school!  We attend a year round school so they started on Wednesday.  Here’s Noelle beginning kindergarten with her wonderful teacher who we love (she was older brother’s teacher too!).  Thank God she walked right into the class and liked it right away.  It’s all in Spanish – dual immersion program – so although Noelle doesn’t understand all the words yet, she has the hang of it.  She comes home and tells me she pretty much gets it (lots of hand motions and repetition on the part of the teacher). 

Going somewhere new (a new job, church, group, gym) can feel like that to us – like everyone is speaking a foreign language!  Like kids, if we can just stick it out – I suppose kids don’t have much choice – we will adjust. 

So if you’re feeling a bit discouraged about something that’s not quite clicking in your life right now, think of Noelle in kindergarten.  We’re all learning something new and some days it may feel very much a foreign language.  But in time, we’ll get it and be the better for it! 



Time for another fun Mary Kay giveaway!  The tweezers were a big hit, so Mary Kay consultant extraordinaire Tina Smith is offering another set of tweezers to this month’s winner!

Just leave a comment on this post and you could be the winner of a new set of tweezers.  Come to think of it, I’m using a set of tweezers I’ve had for 10 plus years.  I can’t really remember buying a pair since I got married and that’s been 12 years now.  Hmm…

The winner will be chosen on Monday.

We had a great time on the East Coast with James’ family.  The kids have conquered their fear of swimming and really enjoyed being in the pool.  Last year we had to persuade them to get in the pool, not this year!  

My kids LOVED being together with their older cousins.  Here we are in the Botannical Gardens in Norfolk, VA. 

One of the fondest memories was an unplanned splurge at Krispy Kreme.  We told the kids to keep it a secret – ha!  Not really of course, as it came out to the rest of the family pretty quickly what we had done!

Not exactly a healthy option, but oh so fun.  We figure if we just go once a year, donuts are just fine.  That’s why Noelle is so excited!  Forgive me for posting about donuts, hope they are not making you too hungry!

And finally, we celebrated mom and dad Pellicane’s 50th anniversary! 

Two Sundays ago we had Silly Hat day at our church.  The kids got to decorate hats and everyone who participated got a prize.  Plus there were prizes for the most creative hats.  Ethan was so happy to get 3rd prize.  He made a racetrack on his hat with a “Race Day” sign, checkered flag, cars, and even a paper airplane flying overhead.

Silliness isn’t just for kids!  And it’s not even just for children’s pastors (but doesn’t our children pastor look so fun!).  

One way to look and feel younger is by doing something silly and goofy.  So you can have a silly hat day with your kids, co-workers, grandkids, friends – and I bet it would be a day to remember! 

Silly sunglass day, silly hair day, silly shoe day – the options are awaiting your creativity!

Simple BBQ Ribs RecipeIf you didn’t know, I’m not much of a cook.  But I am taking baby steps.  My new thing is trying one new recipe a week.  I’ve done it for a whopping 2 weeks now and it’s been actually fun. 

I have two main criteria for my recipes:

1. Not too many ingredients.  If I don’t know what an ingredient is, I go to the next recipe. 

2. Not too much prep time.  If it’s over 30 minutes, it’s not going to work for me.

My son Ethan is CRAZY about BBQ ribs so I thought that would be a fun summer thing to make.  I found this recipe on and it turned out great!  These simple BBQ ribs were really easy to make.  In this recipe, you put the BBQ sauce on first and then boil the ribs in water.  I would never think to do that and it turned out delicious! 

Happy rib eating and 4th of July!

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