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I thoroughly enjoyed doing a segment this morning at 6:45 am on the NBC news here in San Diego.  It was nice to finally be there since we had scheduled two previous times for me to come on the show, but both segments had been bumped (once by the death of Osama bin Laden which was quite understandable). 

Reporter Megan Tevrizian is wonderful.  She was professional and easy to interview with.  We talked about how you can turn back the clock by boosting your brain power.  Lift some mental muscle by:

1. Learning a new language (even a few new words will do!).

2.  Playing like a kid again.  Build Legos and blocks with your kids and grandkids.

3.  Puzzle power!  Do a jigsaw puzzle, sudoku or crossword puzzle.

4.  Do something different day.  Break your routine by eating somewhere different at lunch, opening doors with your non-dominant hand, or driving a different way to work.

5.  Learn something new everyday.  You can look up a new word in the dictionary.  I looked up “Prexy.”  Know what it is?  Slang for a president, usually of a college or university. 

Thanks NBC for having me on, and thanks to you who were able to tune in and watch!  I’ll be putting video up on my website but it may take me awhile to do that.  This month is writing time for my next book 31 Days to a Happy Husband!   


You asked about the after shot of Lucy’s haircut and here it is!  It’s still long enough that I put it up in her traditional Pebbles look 🙂 



I got a haircut this week but since I don’t look nearly as cute as Lucy, I decided to show you her haircut instead!

James has been cutting Ethan and Noelle’s hair since they were born, and Lucy is next.  He figures by the time the girls are teens, he’ll be really good at hair and they’ll never have need for a trained stylist. 

No comment.

Although I give him a hard time about the girls hair sometimes, my hubby James really does a great job.

Are you thinking of getting a new summer cut?  Unlike Lucy, you have a say in the matter!  Look in magazines or online for new ideas for short, medium, or long styles to suit your taste. 

If you’re not happy with your stylist, keep your eyes open for women with good hair.  I found my stylist from asking a lady at Costco who did her hair!

We had a great Father’s Day yesterday at church and then with friends at a park.  Here’s the super daddy himself in all his glory.  Check out Ethan’s funny eyes…he thinks his sister is an alien! 

Here’s what the kids looked like last year on Father’s Day – it all goes so fast…

The change is most apparent in Lucy – no surprise there.  She is such a happy girl.  I was most surprised yesterday at the picnic as she walked up to people she had never met, asked for their food, cuddled up to them, sat in laps – it was amazing!  She made friends very easily! 

So if you need to make some new friends this summer, walk up to someone and:

  • Ask to try their food
  • Smile and cock your head to the side
  • Hug strangers

But you probably don’t want to sit in any laps!

Here’s Lucy in someone’s chair (right, not ours).  She’s lookin’ pretty comfy eh?

Three cheers for my sweet James who, as I wrote on my card, is the “alpha dog, french toast maker, piano teacher, Costco taker, fun maker, soccer player, rule enforcer, and super great father!” 

In 31 Days to a Younger You, I write about one key to looking and feeling younger:  learning something new everyday. 

Two things I am learning this week – well, I suppose my kids are learning.  The first new thing is swim lessons.  My kids are in Turtle Aquatics for 2 weeks and boy do they need it!  At the moment, my turtles would sink straight to the bottom of the pool but I’m hoping they will be able to stay afloat by the end of the week! 

Noelle is having fun here – she’s at the splashing, blowing bubbles phase.  Ethan is in the next level up, swimming with a kickboard and instructor about 6 inches away.  He’s not having as much fun and asked for me to pray for him beforehand that he wouldn’t be afraid.  Sometimes learning a new thing isn’t exactly fun but it’s necessary isn’t it?

The new thing Ethan and I are learning together this week that is fun is chess.  James taught Ethan and Ethan taught me – really he did.  I never played chess growing up.  James tried to teach me 10 years ago but I forgot all the rules.  Ethan and I played 3 games yesterday.  He won twice and I won once.  I tried my best and got creamed by a 6-year-old!  But it was fun! 

Sometimes we learn a new thing and we’re not exactly good at it.  But it can still be fun!

What new thing are you learning this summer?  It doesn’t have to be complicated or cost money.  A new recipe, a new word from the dictionary, new exercise routine, anything at all!

When my family goes to Costco, it’s considered a big time!

The kids always want to look at the children’s books.  I peek at the kids clothes to be tempted (they don’t need anything).  But the highlight, of course, is the samples.

As a result of those sumptuous free samples throughout the store, Lucy definitely knows how to say “COSTCO!” and once she gets in the warehouse, she starts salivating!

So what are some of your Costco staples?  I’m asking because we’re in a rut of buying the same things over and over again.  Here’s my average Costco shopping list.  Who knows, maybe you’ll find something different in my list.  Leave me a comment about what’s different on your list!  I’m headed for Costco tomorrow 🙂

Our Costco List:

  • Block of cheddar cheese
  • Cottage cheese
  • Kirkland Multigrain bread
  • Spinach and Mozarella Ravioli
  • Cheese Tortellini
  • Hebrew National Hot Dogs
  • Morningstar Chipolte Black Bean Burgers
  • Morningstar Veggie Sausage Patties
  • Columbus Herb Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Bananas
  • Snap peas or green beans
  • Romaine lettuce
  • Bag of red delicious apples


It’s not surprising that a book titled When You Can’t Find God: How to Ignite the Power of His Presence is filled with prayers.  When you want more of God, you talk with Him often and hope against hope that He will talk back!  This book by Linda Evans Shepherd will help you stay in God’s presence and hear His voice more clearly.   

The author understands that the Christian life is not a pain-free life.  But when troubles come, we are not alone.  Chapters teach us how to pray against the spirit of strife, and to pray for breakthroughs, grace, hope and healing. 

Here’s an example of a prayer in the book about having the peace that passes understanding:

Dear Lord,

Please bless me with peace, even when I walk through the storms of rejection, betrayal, lack, strife or trouble.  For as I have invited you to join me, I know you are with me in the storm.  Forgive me if I have traveled away from you or your purposes; help me to return to and obey you.  As I walk with you through the storm, I say in the name of Jesus, ‘Quiet!  Be still!”

In Jesus’ name,


Prayers are included in each chapter, giving you a great start to your conversation with God.   Linda Evan Shepherd has also created a video to go along each chapter, so you will really feel like someone is walking with you as you go through the book. 

Whether you’re going through a rough spot right now or not, this book will help you draw closer to the heart of God.

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