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I’m not exactly a cook. 

I’m more of a food assembler. 

My family is trying desparately to sneak in more veggies to our diet.  Regular well care visits to our beloved pediatrician for Lucy (18 months) and Noelle (4 years old) have once again ended in a single action step.

Two fistfuls of veggies per day. 

I guess 2 carrot sticks don’t cut it.  So we are trying to get more veggies in, not only for the kids, but for the adults too.

Here’s what I came up with – easy to assemble and tasty to eat.  An open faced sandwich with a slice of leftover beef roast with spinach, onions, and bleu cheese.  Basically I took the leftovers from dinner and put them on a piece of whole wheat bread for lunch.  It was delicious!

So when you don’t know what to eat, maybe you can take your leftovers and put them on a piece of toast.  Voila!  Lunch in a jif! 

I’m trying to think of what you couldn’t put on a piece of bread.  Pizza, soup (you could put your bread in)…I can’t think of too much more at the moment, can you?


And the winner is Cheri and her ice skating dad!

I really enjoyed reading your comments aloud to my family.  We loved hearing about your dads teaching you how to drive or even sky diving together.  Wow!  And your husbands dressing the kids and playing with dolls.  God bless them!

We chose a winner at random, so Cheri enjoy the book and go ice skating soon!  🙂

Thanks so much for commenting and warming our hearts with your cherished memories!

I am excited to have a giveaway for Fathers Day!  Project Dad is a humorous and practical book written by a dad to other dads. Todd Cartmell’s warm and engaging style will have fathers (and eavesdropping mothers) laughing from the first few pages, and gives doable hands-on advice for becoming a better dad.  This book will make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

To win this book, just comment on this post with a fun memory you have with your father or a father-figure, or a memory your husband has made with your kids.

I know one memory I love is my husband James biking to school with our first grader.  Every morning, they head out together and it’s so cute to watch them.  Of course, since my son is young, this is all frozen in my memory.  I’m savoring the picture of my small boy riding out into the big world with his strong daddy pedaling next to him. 

Other great memories include James’ making his famous kettle korn or birthday ice cream cakes.  Dancing together to gospel music.  Playing the piano, going to big soccer games (Mexico vs. Venezuela), throwing a frisbie around, riding Midway Mania at Disneyland.  For all the events of life, big and small, James is in the thick of things.  He’s never been a hands off parent.  And for that, I’m extremely grateful!!! 

Okay, now it’s your turn.  What’s a fun memory you have with your dad, or what’s a memory your hubby is making with your kids?  I’ll announce the winner of Project Dad on Monday! 

I’m back at the gym.  The cheapskate in me couldn’t pass a deal like this up!

Costco is selling a 2 year membership to 24 Hour Fitness for $299.99.  That comes out to only $12 a month!  I figure if I can at least go once a week to a class or to workout, I am getting a screamin’ good deal!

My husband bought this pass about a month ago.  The first week, he went to the gym 6 TIMES!  That was crazy!  But he is motivated – he wanted to lose 10 pounds – and he has been going faithfully at least 3 times a week.  He’s been trying to get me to go, but I’ve been dragging my feet (literally with my sprained ankle slowly healing).

He made me get a free 2 week membership to try it out.  After being there one morning, I was convinced.  I haven’t belonged to a gym for about 2 years.  It seemed easier to workout at home with the kids.  But I’m getting soft (both mentally AND physically) and it’s time to get back into that culture of fitness that’s so prevalent at the gym.

So for just $12 a month, you might want to give 24 Hour Fitness a try too!

And to up your chances of success, get a buddy to join with you.  Having James going to the gym motivates me to go too.  This was very sweet of him…he left a note for me and some gloves in the car the first morning I went to workout.  This meant a lot especially since I was so grumpy about getting up early in the morning (I am NOT a morning person!).


Enjoy your new set of tweezers coming from a wonderful Mary Kay consultant – Tina Smith!

 Ready to tweeze in style?  This month’s Mary Kay Giveaway is a pair of tweezers with soothing eye gel in a cute little black case!

If you’ve read my book, you may remember Day 7 titled “Pluck without Pain” where I tell the story of dating James and electrolysis (you’ve got to read it to believe it!).  It had to do with some pesky hairs on my upper lip. 

I love that my Mary Kay consultant Tina Smith thought this giveaway item would be a perfect fit for you because of that chapter in my book. 

Just leave a comment below and I’ll contact the winner on Monday!  Happy tweezing!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

My favorite part of the day was going to breakfast and seeing these homemade cards.  The one on the left is from 4 year old Noelle.  My mom helped both kids make some cards with some beautiful tissue paper flowers! 

The card on the right was from my first grader Ethan.  I loved reading Ethan and Noelle’s neatly printed words (Ethan’s in Spanish since he’s learning Spanish in school).  They have come a long way since last Mother’s Day!

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