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Well, I’ll stand out in a crowd in the Big Apple.

I’ll be the one on crutches!

I’m meeting my wonderful publicist Ben for the first time in NYC so I won’t be hobbling around town by myself.  Thank God and thank you Ben! 

We will be promoting my book 31 Days to a Younger You: No Surgery, No Diets, No Kidding on Better TV along with some deskside meetings with magazine editors. 

Let me just say I’m so happy I have been to NYC before.  You don’t really want to be on crutches in a place like NYC.  There’s too much to see to be slowed down!    Usually a trip to New York means one thing:  lots of walking.  Blocks and blocks of enjoying the city skyline.  Up and down in the subways.  Not this time. 

Instead of running around and soaking up as many sights and scenes as possible, I’ll be sitting on a park bench.  I hope I find the perfect one to sit on!

I’ll go with the motto “less is more.”

If you think of it, please pray that I get around fine and do a great job on Better TV, airing Thursday, April  28.  You can watch online afterwards. 

I’ll be posting all the New York pics on Monday so you can see all the places “hibble hobble” goes!


Happy Easter from my home to yours!  Here’s sweet baby Lucy in her new Easter dress (thanks grandma!).  She looks rather serious, perhaps she was still thinking of how scary the Easter bunny was to her!

We started the day with a giant Easter egg hunt at our church – over 10,000 eggs!  In years past, I bought the kids a chocolate bunny.  But this year, I got smarter. 

No candy. 

After all, they came home with a bag of candy each from the Easter egg hunt.

This year, I got the Read and Share Bible DVD which is great choice for young children.  It won’t give them cavities or stomachaches.  Instead it’s packed with eternal value! 

Read and Share DVD Bible Box Set

We also broke from tradition because we decided to have a picnic lunch with family and friends instead of a Easter meal at home.  We’ve been busy (sprained ankle etc) so we decided to keep things simple.  What we didn’t count on was the rain! 

Thankfully, my cousin let us take over her tent!  Hope you and yours had a blessed Easter!

My sister-in-law Cindy just spent five days with us.  She was visiting from the East Coast and totally blessed our family. 

First of all, since I’m on crutches, it was so nice to have another adult around to drive (I can’t do that yet), to help with Lucy, and to play with the kids.  Since my first grader is on Easter break, it would have been a real dud without Aunt Cindy’s visit. 

With Aunt Cindy, he got to:

  • Pick out books at the bookstore
  • Eat at favorite restaurants like Original Pancake House, Cheesecake Factory and In-n-Out
  • Go swimming
  • Whale watching
  • Visit the USS Midway aircraft carrier

Without Aunt Cindy, he would have done…hmmm.  Whatever he could have done with me sitting in the house! 

My sprain isn’t healing very quickly so I’m in a soft cast and boot.

So God provides – when we have a need, He comes through.  I had no idea I would sprain my ankle before my sis-in-laws visit.  We canceled a camping trip and had a staycation instead.  And it worked out just fine! 

When things don’t work out as you plan, trust the Planner.  God can and will make another way!

To all the aunts in the world – thank you for investing in your nieces and nephews!  You rock!  After Cindy left, Ethan was a puddle of tears. 

“I want Aunt Cindy to stay!”

Your investment in the kids in your life is much appreciated!

Michelle you have won the Mary Kay giveaway!  Congrats and enjoy!

My family was hiking in San Diego.  I stepped down about two feet, my ankle twisted and before I knew it, I fell forward into this large dirt hole. 

I flipped over and looked into the big blue sky.  My legs were up on the dirt ledge and I couldn’t move my right foot. 

After getting help out of the hole, I hobbled back to the car.  My husband put a little dandelion in my pocket.  That helped.  A little bit.

He bought some ice at the grocery store on the way home.  We propped my foot up and went to urgent care.

Thank God nothing was broken!  “Just a bad sprain” which was such a relief to hear.  Can you imagine me trying to catch a subway in New York City with a cast and crutches? 

I’m so grateful for a sprain, but also frustrated with my current limitations.  The house is getting exceedingly messy as it’s so hard to pick things up and transport them to their proper places!  The upside is how helpful Ethan and Noelle have been to me.  The downside is trying to pick up Lucy when necessary.  I can pick her up now, but I can’t move.


A great big thank you to my parents who have helped tremendously with watching the kids (they are doing that right now!) and to my sweet James who has been my caregiver and physical therapist (Are you doing your stretches?  Time for ice again.  Three epsom salt foot baths a day).

Which reminds me…it’s time to soak my foot again!

I have signed a second book contract from Harvest House Publishers to write…are you ready?

31 Days to a Happy Husband!

I am so thrilled to be writing this new book with James as my wonderful guinea pig.  I will interview 31 men about what makes them tick (and what ticks them off).  What do they wish we understood as wives?  How can we improve our love and communication to make it meaningful to them?

I’ll discover the answers and pass them along to you in the new book (scheduled to release in summer 2012).  I’m so excited about this personal journey into appreciating my own husband more and hopefully inspiring many other wives to do the same.

The irony is how to keep my husband happy while working with a killer writing schedule, raising 3 kids, and promoting 31 Days to a Younger You, but I’m sure the “how” will get in my new book!

The next piece of good news is…

I’ll be traveling to New York City to be on Better TV on Thursday April 28!  Better is a nationally syndicated lifestyle talk show so it will be quite an experience to do a segment with them.  I would love your prayers for God’s favor during the trip and for the interview date.  I will certainly keep you posted and tell you what it’s like behind the scenes in NYC!

Getting ready for a trip this Easter break?

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