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My sweet James turned 40 this month.  We celebrated in a sweet (James’ famous ice cream cake) and active (ultimate frisbee) way! 

Here’s what we served that was healthy at the party.  Impressive right?  Thanks to my awesome parents who don’t know how to bring over a normal fruit or veggie tray over. 

But I also have to include this picture to be completely honest…

A little of everything right?  After lunch and cake, we headed to a nearby park to play ultimate frisbee.  This is one of James’ favorite games.  He used to play every week in grad school but hasn’t played in probably 10 years.  It was my goal to get our friends playing so James would feel young again! 

We had a blast!  Ultimate frisbee is played like soccer – your team is trying to get the frisbee through the goal.  But a teammate has to catch the frisbee at the goal line so there’s a lot of running involved.  You should have seen us all huffing and puffing.  One friend got a jammed finger and one of the boys got a bloody lip.  We were getting injured and everything – so that made us feel even more young. 

But yes, we were sore in the days that followed.  Being sore is a good thing – it’s a sign of a body that’s being used!

My hubby is in the middle with the green shirt.  Happy 40th baby!!!


This morning I went to a fantastic moms group at Shadow Mountain Community Church.  The group is called “Moms Inc.” – incorporating moms of all ages.  I love that name! 

I went to encourage those ladies – to tell them they are beautiful and beloved by God.  And it turned out that I was the one so encouraged by them.  When your desire is to bless others, God blesses your socks off!

Most of the moms there had kids with similar ages as mine (1, 4, 6) so it was really fun talking shop (potty training, pacifiers, date night with hubby, etc).  I had the opportunity to pray with those ladies one on one which was very special. 

Plus I just attended an amazing leadership conference for women this weekend (“When Leaders Lead” with Calvary Chapel).  I’m still on the mountaintop from that one! 

I have seen over and over in the past 3 days that God is intimately involved with our lives.  The call at the weekend retreat was to rise up like the judge Deborah did in Judges 5:2.  When God calls you to do something, do it.  And as you step out in faith, God will direct you!

I had a GREAT time today at a childrens pastors conference in San Diego!

No, I am not a childrens pastor, but I wanted to stop by the Harvest House booth and greet my publishing family!  And I’m so glad I did because I got to buy some great books from Harvest House. 

One of them is called “A Special Fish for Jonah” by Andy McGuire.  This book is HILARIOUS!  It’s about choosing just the right fish to swallow Jonah.  A great fresh perspective on a familiar kids story that will have you laughing out loud.  You will feel young when you read this book!

I couldn’t help but notice that everyone at the conference looked very young.  I think working with kids just makes you have to be young.

People were dressed young.  They were smiling.  They were playing with balls, flying monkeys, and showing the latest DVDs of Bible characters.

So if you don’t have kids or grandkids to hang out with, maybe you can volunteer at your church to work with kids if you enjoy them.

Being around kids makes you act and feel like a kid again!

Another highlight of the day was meeting Jana Alayra – an amazing worship leader and songwriter for kids.  Here’s Jana signing her latest CD, “Totally Transformed” for Ethan, Noelle and Lucy.  I love Lucy’s face here, peering at the signature. 

Our family saw Jana Alayra in concert a few years ago when we only had Ethan.  He loved it and now all our kids love “Dig Down Deep” and “Jump into the Light” – a few of Jana’s fun songs.

Jana is a forever young kind of person…see, maybe it is  hanging around all those kids!

What a blast we had on Saturday at the San Diego Kroc Center!  It was “Your Day to Glow” with my mentor, speaker and bestselling author Pam Farrel. 

More than 75 ladies came out – comfortably dressed in tennis shoes and workout clothes!   Forget the heels, it was glorious!  It was so neat to see everyone mingling, laughing, eating nutritious food, working out, hugging, and learning. 

Thank you so much to the Salvation Army Kroc Center who rolled out the red carpet for our ladies!  The food was delicious and nutritious

And a very big thank you to my mentor Pam Farrel who has strengthened and encouraged me in HUGE ways!  Love you Pam! 

Would you like to win a beautiful quad of eye shadow from Mary Kay?

Me too!

All you have to do is leave a comment below.  A winner will be chosen at random. 

Be sure to send some love to my wonderful Mary Kay consultant Tina Smith who provides these fun giveaways.  Tina gives A+ customer service.  She’s a Christian mom who I enjoyed meeting through Professional Women’s Fellowship in San Diego.  If you need some great makeup that’s still reasonably priced, she’s your girl!

By the way, you can order from anywhere in the country through Tina.  Her Mary Kay website is great for shopping.  Tina can send you makeup samples right to your door.

I was so happy to be on San Diego Living today (San Diego 6) to do a segment about my book and this Saturday’s event at the Kroc Center with Pam Farrel!

I had a good time on the show.  The studio is near the BMW dealership in Kearny Mesa.  It was fun to pull into the parking lot – beyond the GATE – after being buzzed in.  Ah – the excitement of television! 

The host Renee Kohn is warm, energetic, and great at what she does.  She was interested in hearing about my kids which is of course, what every mother likes to talk about! 

The producer is also wonderful.  I got the chance to meet a few members of the crew which was fun.  Plus as I waited for my segment in the green room, a beautiful dog named Jasmine kept me company (standing by for an adopt a pet segment).   The dog had snacks but I didn’t…go figure! 

The big triumph was getting Lucy’s picture on television – her BIG HAIR picture.  Now she has had her 6 seconds of fame! 

You can watch the segment online at the San Diego Living website.   Look for “31 Days to a Younger You.”

San Diego friends…It’s not too late to register to this fun event this Saturday!

Use the code “friend3” for a $3 off discount when you register.  So it’s $22 using the code “friend3.” (Regular online price is $25, at the door price is $30).

Register at

This is the only place on Saturday that you will get all this for just $22:

  • Two workshops (one with me and one with Pam Farrel)
  • A fitness class at the state of the art Kroc Center

Choose between:

-Boot camp
-Cardio Sculpt

  • Lunch
  • Free massage
  • Fashion Show

Remember to wear casual clothes and tennis shoes you can work out in.

The address of the Salvation Army Kroc Center is 6845 University Avenue

Park near the Joan B. Kroc Theatre building where we will be meeting. Parking is free.

Registration begins at 9:00 am. We have a wonderful massage therapist giving free massages at that time too (first come, first served).  Coffee will be available.  The first session begins at 9:30 am.

There is ice skating available after the event from 2:00 – 3:00 pm (no charge for skate rental).

Hope to see you there for a day of fun!

Saturday, March 12, 9:00 – 2:00 pm

San Diego Kroc Center

6845 University Avenue




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