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Many of you have asked, “Is there a way to see the show if I missed it?”

Unfortunately, Home Made Simple doesn’t put their past episodes online.  Our episode is titled “Start Your Engines Bedroom” and you can find photos of our projects and recipes from our episode here.  But unfortunately, no video.

I put together a short “behind the scenes” video that will show you the finished product (the show renovated our nursery into a cars themed room for Ethan).  You’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to have 20+ people take over your house for 4 days.  It was hard but the crew was fabulous! 

Watch the behind the scenes video

Okay.  You won’t be able to resist this cake if you stare at it too long. 

But here’s a tip I read in Parade magazine a few weeks ago in case the piece of cake sneaks up on you.

To help you pass on that first (or second) piece of cake, you should:

A.  Vow to get on the scale the next morning

B.  Remind yourself that it won’t look good on your hips

C.  Make a fist

D.  Keep a bag of carrots and other healthy snacks handy

What do you think is the answer?

If you guessed C, you’re right!

A new study found that tightening up your muscles can help you gain self control in a moment of temptation.  It only works in the moment – making a fist will give you a hit of willpower.  In that moment, make the decision to pass and move on to something else. 

Tightening your fist won’t work all day long to cut down calories, but it will work in a moment of decision. 

Try it now.  Tighten your fist.  It does give you a moment of resolve doesn’t it?

Now don’t overuse it, but if this cake or it’s cookie cousins try to tempt you today, make that fist and run!

I went on a picnic mall date with the girls today.  I love that a packed lunch from home and about $5 made for a date to remember!

$1.99 for a mylar balloon.  $1.99 for a heart shaped cookie.

Here’s the funky picture of the day – taken of our reflection in the mylar balloon.

Tonight I get to go out with my sweetheart James who made me this beautiful arrangement.  I know.  He is too good to be true!

The funny pathetic thing was these flowers were on my kitchen island this morning and in my rush, I didn’t even notice them until James pointed them out.  I know.  I can be clueless too!

Hope you had the chance to see our family on Home Made Simple this Saturday on TLC!   We were laughing and glued to the tube for sure!  Here’s a sample of our photo album when the crew of Home Made Simple came to our house in November! 

Here is Lucy’s last day in her nursery which will be transformed into Ethan’s new car themed room.  Little does she know…

Ooh and ahh…here come the Mavens down our street to change our home for the better! 

I wish James the make up artist extraordinaire could help me all the time! 

Cooking segments with Jamika were a lot of fun!  We made stir-fry chicken, prosciutto pizza, and turkey stuffed hamburgers.  She’s welcome in my house anyday! 

Poor James couldn’t stop squinting in the sun and found out that talking isn’t as easy as it looks.  He did great though!

My dear friend Leeana Tankersley helped Wanda Colon (the designer maven) make a steering wheel clock for Ethan.

Patrick Brown (the handyman/carpenter/can-do-anything maven) helped me make a stoplight cabinet. 

Here’s a peek at how Ethan’s bed is shaping up…

What you won’t see in the show was how cold it was outside that morning!

This picture was taken with designer Wanda Colon on the last day of the shoot after lunch.  If you drove by my house, you’d see about 30 people having lunch on my front lawn. 

Okay…here’s Ethan’s room before:

Four days of work later, here it is after:

Not bad for a first grader, eh?   Doing homework for the first time in his room.

We took this photo of the crew and had the crew sign it for Ethan to remember everyone who worked on his room.  Thank you to the amazing crew of Home Made Simple!!!  You rock!

It’s almost time!  Our family will be on the TLC show “Home Made Simple” this Saturday, Feb 12 at 9 am. 

Our family is so excited.  We haven’t seen the show yet and we’re anxious to see the finished product.  I had to laugh because the episode is called “Start Your Engines Bedroom,” referring to the renovation of Ethan’s room from nursery to cars land. 

But doesn’t the “Start Your Engines Bedroom” sound funny, like I’m going to rev it up with my hubby! 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Hope you’ll be able to watch the show.  It’s really amazing what they did to Ethan’s room.  We’re just so touched by God that He set this all up for a 6 year old boy to get a free remodeled room featured on national television! 

Don’t get cable?  Yup.  We don’t either.  But we will be at family’s house watching on Saturday!!!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed this week by Debbie Chavez.  Her radio show, The Debbie Chavez Show, is found at We talked for 30 minutes about my book 31 Days to a Younger You.  She had great questions and I really enjoyed chatting with her.  You can listen to it here. 

Debbie has 27 years of experience in secular talk radio as the Morning News Anchor, Program Director and Talk Show Host at KGMI in Bellingham, WA.  She’s a pastor’s wife, jail chaplain, and women’s conference speaker.  She and her husband Raul have 5 children and 5 grandkids.  What a great example of professionalism and passion.  It was a pleasure to meet Debbie for the show!

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