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I’m starting to find a few gray hairs on my head.  I pluck them out – after all I am the author of 31 Days to a YOUNGER You

Stylists advise you color your hair until you are at least 40 percent gray.  Home hair color has come a long way so it’s easier than ever before to hide those grays.

But you know, once those grays start taking over, remember the spendlor of gray.  Remember this picture of Patsy Clairmont?  I think her gray is gorgeous. 

The Bible tells us about the splendor of gray in Job 12:12:

Is not wisdom found among the aged?  Does not long life bring understanding?

Here we are on Day 31 – the last chapter of my book.  I’m so glad that I end with the story of Evelyn Birdwell, a 100 year old at my church who is still quilting for missions, serving others, coming to church, and even driving.  She’s been called “The Rock” by her weekly quilting group.  Evelyn is ever faithful, ever caring, and ever working for Jesus. 

THAT is the splendor of gray.

We’re ending our 31 day conversation from my book today, but of course, we will keep chatting. 

If you haven’t bought the book yet, what are you waiting for?  🙂

The best is yet to come.


I must admit I’m not much of a spa girl, so when I was given a gift certificate to a fancy-pantsy spa, I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I write about my spa faux pas in Day 30.  Boy was I embarrassed! 

But now that I’m learning from my mistakes, I’m sure I’ll enjoy going to a spa in the future again.  If I can get a good deal!  The frugal in me says, “Just take a hot bath at home, ask your husband for a massage, and save the $100!” 

I give some ideas for creating a spa day at home for cents in my book.  You’ll want to de-clutter an area of your home to create a “relaxation station.”  This will probably be your bathroom/bedroom, or maybe the sofa of your family room. 

Put on some relaxing music.  Piano.  Acoustic guitar.  Praise music.  Whatever you find relaxing. 

You can soak your feet.  Do a sugar scrub on your hands.  Lay down with a favorite book.  Lay down and catch some zzz’s. 

Don’t forget to turn off the ringer of the phone.  If you relax for even 15 minutes, you will feel rejuvenated.  Let’s face it.  We seldom make time for ourselves, but this little 15 minute luxury could do wonders to de-stress.  And that’s priceless.

I love this ad I found…

“Yes!  Husbands stay lovers when wives guard against dry, lifeless middle age skin!” 

The first cartoon says,

Don’t tell me you’ve been marred ten years?  Anyone would think you were a bride, the fuss Tom makes over you!  No wonder though, with that lovely complexion!

Well the “Tom” in the advertisement probably has been married for 60 years by now!  Wonder how his wife’s skin is holding up? 🙂

In today’s reading, I give tips on how you save your skin.  Remember to use sunscreen on your face when you go out – even on cloudy days.  I use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it to make it simpler to remember. 

Here’s to having soft skin and doting husbands like in the old Palmolive ad!

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I narrowed down my eyewear choice to 9 frames.  THESE are the frames I like the best.  What do you think?  Will I be able to see in them since they fall off my nose a bit?  I figure I’ll just push them up.  My husband thinks that’s a bit impractical.  I haven’t bought them yet – now it’s time to compare prices – but at least I know what style I am looking for. 

Check out my daughter Noelle trying on frames.  Now THAT makes me smile every time! 

Today’s chapter in my book is about the best thing you can wear.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s totally free and anyone can put one on.  Ready to do it now?

Look at Noelle’s picture and…smile!

The best anti-aging advice someone can give you is to smile.  When you’re happy, you take years off your face and even your hips (since people are looking at your smiling face they don’t notice your hips as much – LOL). 

Don’t feel like you have a reason to smile?  Consider author and speaker Thelma Wells – aka Mama T – who inspires thousands with her smile.  She had a terribly difficult childhood yet she found a way to smile.  I write about her in Day 28.  You’ll be inspired to see that you can smile too, no matter what you are facing. 

Thelma Wells and me

Help!  I need a new pair of glasses! 

My family and I had a lot of fun in the store as you can tell…

We had the brilliant idea of taking pictures of the glasses to help us determine which pair we liked the best.  When you look at yourself in a picture wearing the glasses, it really makes a difference.  Sometimes you can’t tell in the store.  So we narrowed it down to 16 frames at home:


And then to nine frames…

Okay eyewear fashionistas (Kay are you out there?)…which pair do you like the best?  I’ll tell you tomorrow which ones I like the best.  

In today’s chapter “The Eyes Have It,” I give some tips about updating your eyewear to look more youthful.  Plus you’ll get inspired to really consider what your eyes see. 

Not as in 20/20 but as in “Do you see how God is working in your life?” 

Look at author and Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont.  Does she look too old to sparkle?

Nope!  Take heart ladies, we can sparkle at every decade of life!  I had to include Patsy in my book after hearing her speak with such energy, spunk, and passion at a Women of Faith event in Anaheim, CA.  You’ll find her story on page 148 of my book.

You’ll also find a story that will make you want to lace up your tennis shoes.  My husband James is a realtor and through his work, he met a wonderful realtor in New York named Kathryn Martin, aka “The Running Realtor.”  When Kathy was 51, Nike (yes, Nike) featured her in a TV advertisement.  She’s set records in her age group and has won a number of prestigious running awards. 

But the funny part is, the first time she ran around the block in her 30s, she almost passed out.

You’ll be inspired to know it’s never too late to try something new and succeed! 

By the way, if you live in Suffolk County in New York, you can have the fittest realtor in the state – Kathryn Martin/The Running Realtor – help you with buying or selling your home – LOL!

Career.  Children.  Church.  Candlelight.

Which “C” do you think usually gets the short end of the stick? 

Yup, the candlestick!

In Day 25, I write about “Making Time for Love.”  Romance can seem like a luxury but it’s really a necessity in any marriage.  It doesn’t matter if you’re newlyweds or if you’ve been married for 38 years, you’ve got to make time for love. 

But what if you’re not in the mood?  Or he’s not in the mood?

You’ll find some intimacy stokers in my chapter to help you get into the mood.  Hollywood movies make it seem like romance comes naturally and passionately always.  The trouble is that you don’t always feel romantic.  It’s hard to feel lovey-dovey when you’ve had a busy day at work, dinner was a disaster, bills are stacked up, and you have 10 emails to answer before morning. 

My husband James and I have made a renewed commitment to romance as a result of teaching a young marrieds class at church.  We realized – as we watched the newlyweds sit practically glued together – that we needed to go back and do some of those first things. 

Hold hands.  Kiss.  Write love notes.  Give hand massages. 

The candle above is from our recent 12 year anniversary creme brulee.  It’s good to make time for love!

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