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Isn’t it wonderful when you’re thumbing through your mail and you see a handwritten return address from a friend?  You open up the note and voila, it’s something personal.  It’s not a bill, advertisement, or catalog.  It’s something someone took the time to write and you were lucky enough to be the recepient.

Well, I received something lovely in the mail.  A handwritten personal note from my friend Edie.  When I read it, I felt instantly encouraged and warmly appreciated.  It was wonderful and made my day! (thanks Edie!)

Words are so important – too important to waste on needless criticism and harping.  Instead, why not look for ways to praise others?  It’s such a pleasure to receive a handwritten note – and a lost art in this age of texting, tweeting, and emailing.  I encourage you to make time in your busy schedule for a little writing time.  Why not send a note of thanks to someone you appreciate today?


We just finished 4 days of shooting with the TLC show “Home Made Simple.”  The show will air sometime in 2011, maybe March-ish (of course I’ll keep you posted).  I cannot divulge any juicy secrets about what is behind this door, but let me just say our family is over the moon about the home improvements they helped us make.

I can’t share any more pictures at this time to honor the networks wishes (no spoilers please!).  We had an amazing time with the 22 person crew.  Every nook and cranny of our house seemed to be used.  There were times when I looked for a spot to hang out by myself and couldn’t find one.

Outside in the backyard, the furniture projects were being built.  The garage was the control room with all the monitors, equipment, and of course snacks.  The kitchen was a set one day, the living room a set the next, my master bedroom was the makeup studio, and the kids rooms were the center of the redecorating efforts.  And I shared my desk space with the wonderful production manager.  So you can imagine, there were people EVERYWHERE for 4 days.  But this was entirely expected.  I would actually look forward to 7:00 am and the crews arrival.  The director told me this excitement would last until about Tuesday afternoon.  I was excited to have them here longer than that but by Thursday afternoon, I was ready to wrap.

And now I’m ready to wrap…myself in a warm blanket and catch some ZZZs!    Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers.  We were totally strengthened by God this week and had a great time.

And the winner is Elizabeth!  Thanks so much for entering this month’s giveaway.  I’ll be giving away another product next month so visit the blog again for more details.

Thanks to super Mary Kay consultant Tina Smith for her wonderful customer service!

(Click on the image to watch the video)

Do you know someone who looks like this?  Well, when she’s not acting like a “sister,” Kathy Meek pictured above is the amazing Women’s Ministries Director at Faith Chapel.  I was their women’s retreat speaker last weekend and I had the most wonderful time.  From the moment I stepped into the room until the final goodbyes, I laughed, felt at home, and really enjoyed getting to know these caring and godly ladies.

For a good laugh, you can check out this skit from “The Sisters” and also an insider interview with “The Sisters” as I asked them about their beauty secrets!  My book is just in time!

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Thanks to my MK consultant Tina Smith for providing this gift – if you don’t already have a consultant, you may enter the contest simply by leaving a comment on this post.

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One of you will have some very hydrated and happy lips.  Leave your comment now and a winner will be announced next week.

Do you know when you instantly like someone?  You feel comfortable, you laugh easily, you connect?   That is exactly how I felt meeting the wonderful people at Harvest House Publishers.  They treated me like family!  Pictured above is the superb marketing team.

VP LaRae Weikert picked me up from the airport.  LaRae is kind, fun, smart, and energetic.  I got to tell her I made her butternut soup recipe and made my kids eat it for lunch.  My son, stuck on hamburgers and mac and cheese, cried.  I’m the new soup nazi!

John Constance is the VP of Sales.  I’m so THRILLED to have him and his capable team representing 31 Days to a Younger You to buyers.

This was my first chance to ever sit at the head of a vast board room.  It was so funny to me – I kept thinking, “What am I doing here???”  Here’s where I pitched ideas for future books to the publishing committee.  They look happy right?

This is the president, Bob Hawkins Jr., who is incredibly gracious and loves to laugh.  He was a great encourager.  I felt honored to meet him and talk about his father Bob Hawkins Sr. who founded the company.

I’m in the lobby where the books are displayed.  Come January, my title will be there too!

My book will arrive in December to this warehouse where it will be in very good company with boxes and boxes and boxes of amazing titles!

At the left is my wonderful editor Rod Morris.  From the start, he believed in my writing and encouraged me to keep at it.  I am incredibly grateful for his strong advocacy.  Katie Lane is the Director of Marketing.  She is insightful, kind, and leads a great team of people.  Shane White is the National Trade Sales Manager and he’s a hoot.  Thanks to him my book will be listed in a future Christian Book Distributor catalog!

This is author liaison Peggy Wright and I will be ordering my first cases of books from her soon!  Wahoo!

Thank you Harvest House for the warm welcome.  I am so touched to be working with such a fine company!  Here’s to bringing a bestseller to market next year!

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