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On Monday, I will be visiting my publisher Harvest House.  I am so excited!  Harvest House Publishers is located in Eugene, Oregon.  I look forward to meeting these wonderful people who have made me feel a part of a family.

Did you know that Harvest House Publishers began in 1974 with just five books and the dream of its founder, Bob Hawkins, Sr?  At the age of 52, Bob Hawkins Sr. made a risky career move and began a publishing company out of his garage in Irvine, CA.  Within two years, Harvest House had sold more than 100,000 copies!  Today Harvest House is among the top five Christian publishing companies.

I love that Harvest House was birthed in a dream.  Seeing my book in print is a dream come true for me and I’m so happy that 31 Days to a Younger You is coming out with Harvest House!








I read in the newspaper about the “First Spanish Siesta” contest in Madrid.  There was an actual sleep championship – how would you like to enter that competition?  The winner was a 62 year old Ecuadorean man who ignored the uproar of a load Madrid shopping center and snored at 70 decibels – roughly the equivalent of someone talking very loudly.  (Does it sound like your husband might qualify?)

The aim of this funny contest was to promote a revival of the timeless custom of an afternoon siesta in Spain.  Here’s my baby Lucy sleeping through her feeding.  Maybe she could enter a baby siesta contest?

Noelle is almost 4 and she is learning to write her alphabet.  She didn’t exactly want to learn how to do this, so here is her incentive:  this super Princess set, complete with paints, pens, and 992 stickers!

Guess what?  She got it today!  She wrote from A-Z (and daddy could recognize the letters) and she finally won her Princess set.  It took about the whole month of October to reach this goal.

What goal do you have right now?  You’ve got your A-Z down pat, now what?  And what will your reward be?

When we have goals and rewards to look forward to, and a community to support us, we feel and look younger like my daughter Noelle!  BTW, if you look at the picture, the hair sticking out from behind the princess set is baby Lucy’s – LOL!


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of emceeing a day with former Channel 10 news anchor Carol LeBeau.  What a breath of fresh air she was to a room jam packed of women ready for change at San Diego First Assembly!

She was transparent about her poor health habits during all those years of TV news and the overcommitments she made along the way.  She gave some great advice about saying yes to things.  Before you say yes, ask yourself three questions:

1.  Why am I saying yes?  (to please others?…)

2.  Is this the best use of my time or am I just filling a slot?

3.  Will I shortchange other commitments by saying yes?

This was a wonderful and useful checklist.  So much so, I saw my friend put it right on her phone afterwards so she could consult this list before making any commitments.

Carol spoke in one session with her BFF Susan Haber (pictured above).  It was a great reminder of the power of friendship to boost our mood and our bodies.  Research overwhelmingly shows that those with meaningful relationships enjoy better health.  So when it comes to getting together with a best friend for fun, the answer can be yes!

We celebrated my youngest girl’s birthday this week.  Baby Lucy is ONE!

If you want to feel young, get around a baby.  It doesn’t have to be your own of course.  It can be a grandchild, neighbor’s child, baby in the church nursery…just as long as you don’t cling to a perfect stranger’s baby at Target!

There’s nothing like chubby little fingers around your neck and that baby giggle that gurgles and spouts to make you feel incredibly alive.

I’m very thankful to God for giving me the chance to have a baby even as I enter my forties in the next year.  I’ve got to keep young to keep up with her (now and someday!).

By the way, the watermelon in the picture was carved by my talented dad who has recently retired.  He has no watermelon carving training, nor has he been doing it for very long.  Just goes to show you’re never too old to learn a new hobby!

Congratulations to Christine – you are the winner of the Mary Kay hand cream!

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