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You can find out the role the nursing home played in meeting my husband James.  Just hop over to amazing author  Tricia Goyer’s blog and enjoy!


When it’s time to snack, what do you reach for?

Believe me, I like junk food just like anyone else.  But I know it makes my body feel lousy, so here’s what I bought at the supermarket.  When you find fruits on sale, buy a lot.  Get everything washed so when you feel the need to snack, something is already ready for you to grab.  You will eat what is convenient.  Make fruit convenient.

Also, you can “guilt” yourself into eating the fruit.  “If I don’t eat it today, it will go bad and I don’t want to waste the money.”  Unlike potato chips, fruit must be consumed right away, so choose it instead of something fattening and unhealthy.

Here’s to more fruit this week!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing San Diego news anchor Carol LeBeau at the San Diego Christian Guild Writer’s Conference.  I even brought baby Lucy to the session.  But to understand the significance of this conference, I have to back up a little.

Three years ago, a friend invited me to attend.  Financially, it was challenging to go, so I was offered a partial scholarship.  I went with a manuscript in hand and a dream in my heart.  I didn’t know much about book publishing but I wanted to learn.  I went to consultations with editors, authors, and agents.  It seemed like the best step would be to self-publish, because how would I attract the attention of a publisher since I’m not a big name?

Two years ago, I attended this same conference by the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild – but this time, I met with Harvest House editor Rod Morris and that year, my book proposal was accepted.  I had a contract for my book 31 Days to a Younger You!

Last year, I didn’t attend.  I was busy having baby Lucy and finishing up my book for an October 2009 deadline!

So this year, when I drove to the conference, I cried tears of joy.  God has done so much to bring me to this point.  I am overwhelmed by His faithfulness and somewhat consumed with a sense of purpose.  This is a season of praying, speaking, and writing to touch someone’s heart and replace disappointment with hope.  Wow, what an amazing journey!

Whatever the dream God has given you in your heart, try to find like minded people and conferences which will help you learn more about your interests.  Learning from other authors like Pam Farrel and David and Lisa Frisbie has made a HUGE impact on my journey.

Here’s Lucy brushing up on some recipes in her favorite book “Super Baby Food.”  When I feed her, my 1st grader says “YUCK, that stinks!”  But Lucy doesn’t seem to mind her pureed peach/green bean/apple/grape combo!

Lucy is beginning to eat finger foods and so far, besides the beloved baby puffs, she loves honeydew.

It’s easy for me to think of giving Lucy healthy food.  I would never think to give her a chocolate chip cookie or ice cream at this age.

Hmmm…to eat healthier, maybe I should pretend I’m a baby today!

My son goes to a dual immersion school which means his 1st grade class is almost entirely taught in Spanish.  This past Thursday, they celebrated the 200 anniversary of Mexico with a fun party.  I was happy to volunteer and believe me, I got quite a kick out of it all!

My son’s friend walked into class wearing this hat, mustache, and carrying the Mexican flag.  The class came unglued, laughing and running to this little amigo.  Of course, I had to borrow the costume to take a picture of Ethan in it (pictured above).

Thank God for parties, pinatas, costumes, and 1st graders in mustaches to make us laugh!

Thank you everyone for participating in my first makeup giveaway.  This month’s winner of a beautiful Mary Kay quad eye shadow is MARCY! 

Congrats and enjoy! 

And remember ladies, next month I’ll be giving away something else so visit again!

Hooray!  It’s time for my first giveaway!

How would you like to win some beautiful Mary Kay eyeshadow?

Every month, I’ll be offering a free item to help you feel more beautiful.  This month, I’m giving away a Mary Kay Mini Mineral Eye Color Quad with four fabulous shades and a dual eye applicator.

If you don’t have a Mary Kay Consultant, winning this free eye shadow would be a great way to try it out.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below.  Just say “Count me in!” or whatever you’d like – it’s that simple!

Many thanks to my Mary Kay Consultant Tina Smith for donating this great eye shadow quad.  Tina, pictured here, is fabulous at choosing make up that works well with your coloring and features.  She is great at customer service and if you don’t already have a Mary Kay Consultant, I highly recommend working with her!

The winner will be chosen on Monday.  It could be you!

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