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Well, what do you think?  Which cover would you pick up?

I hope your answer is the one on the right because that’s the one we’re going for!

The one on the left with the blueberries is the first cover.  Although the cover is attractive and I do like blueberries, my book doesn’t talk about blueberries.  It’s hard to get emotional about a small bucket of blueberries.  I think the updated cover from the fabulous design team at Harvest House conveys the message of the book much better.  Be happy.  Be young.  Walk through flowers when the opportunity presents itself.

31 Days to a  Younger You is available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and everywhere else fine books are sold.  The book releases in January but you can pre-order it today at a discount (Amazon has it for 33% off).  You might even see the old cover still on the online retailer websites.  But you’ll know the updated look is coming.

Thanks for journeying with me!  It’s fun to give you the inside scoop.


Have you ever tried to learn something new on the computer and felt utterly frustrated and lost?

A few weeks ago, my husband and I got a new Canon video camera because our old one died.  The new one is the latest and greatest, and after much research my hubby decided it would be the perfect camera for our family videos and to make videos for my website too.

Now the learning fun begins!

The manual is an inch thick and I’m just doing the basics so far – yep, pointing, shooting, and downloading the video onto my computer.  I’m learning Premiere Elements 8 which is software to edit videos.  I’m getting it but my computer keeps freezing and driving me nuts.  Then Premiere now uses this Organizer program that Photoshop users are probably familiar with, but I’m not, so now I need a tutorial just to use the Organizer (which makes me feel anything but organized!).

Many times learning something new comes with great inconvenience to say the least.  After a few hours of editing frustration, I’m ready to throw in the towel.  One thing that has really helped me is  Lynda has video tutorials about all sorts of software and such like iTunes to Photoshop to Facebook.  We’re subscribing for one month so I can learn how to edit videos.  I’d love to blog more…but Lynda is waiting for me.

I have a great friend story.  Several weeks ago, I submitted an audition for Oprah’s search for the next TV talk show host on her network.  I viewed another entry and instantly thought, “What a great lady!”  I clicked on her website and discovered we had many common interests from book writing to speaking, and she was also a Christian.  We became friends on Facebook.

I went to speak in her neck of the woods and we met for lunch.  It was amazing!  I made a new friend and you know that feeling you get when you know that God is in it?  Well – that’s what it was like!  God is in the business of putting people together because it’s much more fun to journey in life alongside friends.  My new friend’s name is Sophia Marsh-Ochsner. She’s got an amazing story to tell.

Are you in need of a new friend?  Ask the Lord to put someone in your path and I believe He will.

Need something to revive your spirit?  Get together with some girlfriends!  That’s what I did last week at a “Girlfriend Gathering” with my mentor, author Pam Farrel. Pam planned a wonderful women’s ministry event, and I was honored to speak alongside Pam, organizing pro Marcia Ramsland, authors Dawn Wilson and Renee Johnson, and Lisa who hosted the event at the San Diego Kroc Center/Salvation Army.

It was a great evening on “leaning on each other” and talking about how to energize our lives to step out in new adventures!  A great book to read is Pam Farrel’s Woman of Confidence:  Step into God’s Adventure for Your Life.  Do you feel like there are no adventures on the horizon?  Then this is a great book to fill you with hope and dreams for the future.  Or to help you get some clarity about the next steps you need to take towards your goals.

When you have something to strive for, youth and vitality return.  And it sure does help to have some girlfriends at your side for the journey.

Want to look and feel younger?  Spend time with little kids!  For me, that’s really easy since all my kids are under 6.  But you can volunteer to work with kids if you enjoy being with them.

Here I am with my daughter Noelle at our church’s VBS camp “Sonquest Rainforest.”  We had a blast and there were dozens of volunteers who made it all happen.  I taught the kindergarten class (our name was the “Mighty Monkeys!”).  Noelle is only 3 but she got to join our class since I was the teacher.

My highlight is hearing Noelle sing the Bible verses at home.  “Do not be anxious about anything…”  That is the best!  If you want to feel young and have fun, spend some time with kindergarteners!

When it comes to lunch at home, you want fast, tasty, satisfying…and healthy would be nice too right?

I have the answer for you!

My newest love is salmon burgers from Costco.  These taste so delicious.  I saute the burger on a pan with olive oil, about 4 minutes on each side.  So the downside is you have a pan to wash, I am aware of that.  But maybe the pan is still on the stovetop from the eggs at breakfast.

Then I take my delicious salmon burger and eat it with a lettuce wrap or a wheat pita as pictured here.  I add avocado slices and voila – it is so delicious.  It tastes like something you get from a restaurant and it’s so easy to make and assemble.  A great way to get your omega-3’s and enjoy your lunch!

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